How to improve palm oil and soy governance in both producing AND consuming countries?

Check out the EA Call for Action with the link on this page and join in!

New approach or new discourse? An advocacy subject of the Ecosystem Alliance in any case!

Check out the reports at the Ecosystem based Adaptation pages,

among others about South East Asia,

or check out the Past Meeting about Farmer Managed Natural Renegeration.

REDD engage or not to engage? IUCN NL contributed to a guide: 

"The Knowledge and Skills Needed to Engage in REDD+: A Competencies Framework"

Check it out through our REDD page and share with your network!

Saving areas of high conservation value.....what a challenge in oil palm and soy areas!
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Participatory resource planning and management: core learning theme of the Ecosystem Alliance

under Livelihoods and Ecosystems

Check for example Past Meeting: Capacitacion sur la GIRE, held in Benin

Soja y sus efectos a la biodiversidad y la gente:  asunto clave para la Alianza Ecosistema

Expertos de Latino America son Pro Yungas, ICV, Guyra, Humedales, Probioma y otros partneres

Vease bajo tema Greening the Economy/ Soja

Vease los materiales del Taller tecnico soja, u Observatorio Socio Ambiental de la Soja! 

The Ecosystem Alliance

The Ecosystem Alliance



In October 2014 the Ecosystem Alliance and its partners from palm oil and soy producing countries came up with a call for action as a result of learning and exchange on strategies.

Check this link for the Call for Action

Check this link for the video

The Ecosystem Alliance is a collaboration between IUCN National Commitee of the Netherlands (IUCN NL), Both ENDS and Wetlands International and their offices and partners in more than 16 countries. It unites a broad network of international and local NGOs to help local communities manage and use ecosystems in a sustainable way, among others to face climate change.

The Ecosystem Alliance seeks to give local communities a voice in the international arena where many decisions relevant to their natural environment are taken. It seeks to support and improve the livelihoods of the poor and to create a green and inclusive economy, through participatory and responsible management of ecosystems.  Through IUCN NL the Alliance also collaborates with HIVOS.  The work of the alliance is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of International Affairs.

This webtool is primarily meant for international exchange about specific themes and meetings of common interest for learning and advocacy purposes among the Ecosystem Alliance partners and beyond.

La Alianza Ecosistema es una colaboracion entre UICN Comite Holandes, Both ENDS y Fundacion Humedales (Wetlands Intenational), sus oficinas y partneres en mas que 16 paises. Incluya una red extensa de ONGs nacionales y internacionales apoyando a comunidades manejar y utilizar sus ecosistemas de manera sustentable, entre otros para enfrentar el cambio climatico.

La Alianza Ecosistema busca dar una voz a comunidades locales en el arena internacional donde se toman muchas decisiones en cuanto a su entorno natural. Busca apoyar y mejorar la vida de la gente de bajos recursos economicos y crear una economia verde y inclusivo, por medio del manejo participativo y responsable de ecosistemas. UICN NL tambien colabora con HIVOS en temas similares. El trabajo de la Alianza es apoyado por el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores en Holanda.

Estas paginas web tienen como primer objectivo estimular el  intercambio internacional en la Alianza Ecosistema sobre temas y encuentros de interes comun, para aprender y hacer mas efectivo nuestras asesorias a tomadores de decisiones.


Latest News

From 27-30 October our Ecosystem Alliance and its partners from Indonesia, Argentina Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay discussed progress/obstacles in governance of soy and palm-oil value chains and landscapes.

IUCN NL, through Platform BEE has signed a declaration calling for meaningful action with regards to halting deforestation at the forthcoming UNFCCC climate negotiations taking place in Lima in December.