Summary of EA programme

The Ecosystem Alliance Paraguay program focuses on the Gran Chaco because all NGOs agree that currently there is a large-scale, rapid and unsustainable change in land use within the Chaco. In the last years very high rates of deforestation have been seen with an average of more than 700 hectares of forest being cleared each day, resulting in 268.000 ha in 2013 (Surface Chaco Paraguay total 25.000.000 ha). This greatly affects natural ecosystems and biodiversity but also poor traditional and indigenous communities. Therefore these communities are chosen as the main target group as they are greatly affected by these changes. Indigenous peoples are a natural ally for sustainable management of ecosystems. Priority will be given those communities near or in area with a current or potential conservation status (indigenous lands and or protected areas) because in near these areas sustainable use and conservation can be combined. Within the Chaco two main intervention areas have been identified Rio Paraguay in Alto Paraguay and Rio Pilcomayo in Boqueron.

Under theme LIVELIHOODS AND ECOSYSTEMS there are two objectives.
OBJECTIVE 1 aims to strengthen sustainable use of indigenous and traditional communities. The strategy to achieve this will be by implementing local resource use plans with several communities and successfully produce and market sustainably products.
OBJECTIVE 2 is focused at conservation through land use planning in municipalities. This is done by assisting governments at municipality level in enforcement of legislation. But also through policy advice to national governments to improve and implement legislation and regulations related to ecosystems and people.

Under theme GREENING THE ECONOMY there are two objectives.
OBJECTIVE 3 supports the satellite monitoring of land use change in the Chaco and communicate those results regularly.
OBJECTIVE 4 is to improve the practice of companies and large land owners operate by establishing pilots, initiate dialogue and produce manuals of best practices.

Foundation yvy Pora -
Mission: With our knowledge, experience and work, installing sustainable development processes in productive communities.

Fundación Moisés Bertoni -
Mission: The FMB works in innovative ways for sustainable development through the conservation of nature with social responsibility and active participation of the population.

Association Guyra Paraguay -
Mission: To conserve and promote sustainable use of biological diversity, with emphasis on birds with active and responsible participation in society.

Instituto Drecho Ambiental-
Mission: To develop and promote policies that promote holistic sustainable development.

Sobrevivencia- Friends of the Earth -
Mission: We walk and talk the roads that lead to sustainable societies working in the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of the environment, the protection of fundamental rights and the integrity of communities.

Community and Sustainable Development (CODES) -
Mission: To promote human development by improving human to build a more equitable, just and fraternal society Paraguayan capabilities.

Main background facts to the EA interventions

Geographical and thematic focus areas

Departemento Alto Paraguay: Paraguay River
Departemento Boqueron: PilcoMayo River