The Netherlands

Summary of EA programme

The Netherlands form the home base of IUCN NL's Ecosystem Alliance. Together with Both ENDS and Wetlands it supports CSO capacity in 16 tropical countries to protect ecosystems for human well-being, and supports them with international advocacy. With other Dutch-based IUCN members such as WWF Netherlands, or Natuur en Milieu and Friends of the Earth Netherlands as well, it lobbies for policy and practice changes in the Netherlands and EU to make international soy, biomass, palm oil and mineral production and consumption more sustainable. It lobbies for better protection of water rights, river basin and wetland management; and for inclusive climate mitigation and adaptation policies.
IUCN NL particularly cooperates with and advises and lobbies Dutch policy makers and businesses to integrate natural capital into their strategies. This happens among others through IUCN NL's platforms Leaders for Nature, or its Platform Biodiversity, Economy and Ecology (BEE) which it manages together with VNO-NCW (the Dutch Employers' Association). IUCN NL has almost 40 Dutch based members in its platform, many of which defend biodiversity and ecosystems in the Netherlands itself such as Natuurmonumenten, 12 Landscapes, Waddenvereniging, Vlinderstichting (Foundation for Butterflies), or Birdlife Netherlands.

Main background facts to the EA interventions

The Netherlands play a key trading role in for example the palm oil and soy value chains. For this and other reasons the Netherlands has a strong footprint in tropical countries. IUCN NL and its partners seek to turn this into a positive footprint.

Geographical and thematic focus areas

South East Asia
Cono Sur
palm oil
climate mitigation and adaptation