Greening the Economy

This is an important theme for IUCN NL, the Ecosystem Alliance, as well as for HIVOS. Without understanding and acknowledging the value of natural resources, economic models are fraud and suitable at best to the short term. Without a greener way of doing business, fully taking into account impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystems, corporate strategies are not future proof. Without more sustainable value chains and consumption patterns, the pressure on land, forests, wetlands and water sources is unbearable to the planet. A greener way of doing economics and business is possible and many of our partners and allies pave this way.
Under this theme we deal with several subthemes:
(1) Governance and resource efficiency; how can we make optimum use of resources and govern them well to feed and conserve for the world with what it needs?
(2) TEEB, the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: the new way of looking at economic value.
(3) Commodity standards, a section where we look at cross cutting themes relevant for all value chains we deal with, including benchmarking of quality standards
(4) Biomass: where we selectively present and discuss policy relevant issues of the use of biomass as basis of economic production
(5) Soy, where you can find materials from the Netherlands and Europe and a special section of our active partners and allies in Latin America: ""el Observatorio socio-ambiental de la soja"
(6) Palm oil, the hot topic from Asia and elsewhere, where we pay attention to land use planning and land rights, RSPO and more
(7) Mining, a theme dealt with very selectively here: Oil governance, Environmental Impact Assessments and Uranium mining are among the selected topics.