REDD+ & Ecosystem Based Adaptation

The EA aims to strengthen climate change policies and practices that support local livelihoods and maintain ecosystems and biodiversity for effective climate change adaptation and mitigation.

REDD+ stands for “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forests, and the Enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks in Developing Countries. REDD+ aims to reduce the emission of CO2 by protecting tropical forests. REDD+ is part of the 2010 Cancun Accords. It has its specific pages on this webtool.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) means the sustainable management, conservation and restoration of ecosystems to provide services that help people adapt to both current climate variability, and climate change. EbA contributes to reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience to both climate and non-climate risks and provides multiple benefits to society and the environment.The Ecosystem Alliance strengthens the capacity of local actors to implement EbA measures and to play a key role in policy processes and investments decisions related to adaptation. The Alliance will show to policy makers, donors, relevant research institutes and local organisations that healthy ecosystems play a key role in adaptation strategies, and that the experiences of local communities and civil society organizations who are already adapting to changing climate conditions provide an important source of knowledge and practice and can effectively be used, in combination with science-based knowledge, as the basis for developing adaptation policies.