Capacitacion adaptacion al cambio climatico basado en ecosistemas Gran Chaco

Capacitacion adaptacion al cambio climatico basado en ecosistemas Gran Chaco

Tuesday, 25 November, 2014 - 22:15 to Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 22:15

The EA is organising a workshop for relevant local partners in the Chaco region, the Chaco network of municipalities, regional authorities and relevant NGOs. 

Succesful local partner NATIVA will coordinate and prepare the activity a month after the presidential elections from 24 to 25 November of 2014 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with the assistance of a EbA consultant.

The workshop aims to:

(a) To provide training on the basic concepts of ecosystem-based adaptation to target group.

(b) To assess the status and progress of the local adaptation plans in the region.

(c) To present with a practical case study the relevant EbA aspects of an existing adaptation Plan (ex. Largest Municipality in the Chaco Villamontes)

(d) Give special attention to cross-border issues: each country will present legal framework, planning and risk management. Shared realities and dependencies.

(e) Recommendations and progress at the regional level in a background document.

The target audience consists of municipal authorities working on development and implementation of the municipal adaptation plans in the region of the Chaco of Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina (around 25 people). Although there is a clear sense of urgency to develop and implement these plans rapidly, ecosystem based adaptation is relatively unknown. These municipalities have shown interest in the workshop and are willing to study good examples guided by IUCN NL (and consultant Alejandro Jimenez, who also supported the EbA workshop in West Africa). For our Alliance, it is important to include EbA into these regional developments as soon as possible making use of the favourable trend and momentum in favour of climate adaptation.

Nativa will be organizing the workshop with IUCN NL support. Alejandro Jimenez,  EbA  specialist will provide the necessary technical support and facilitate the event together with IUCN NL Terms of reference (ToR) for the consultancy are currently in negotiation. NATIVA has requested revision of their SICCLIMA instrument (Sistema de Análisis para el cambio climático en municipios) to evaluate how far is ecosystem based perspective is included.