The report, presentations and list of participants are ready to be seen on the spanish webpage Servicios Ecosistemicos en Tierras manejadas por Agricultores. El informe, las presentaciones y el listado de participantes etsan colocados a la pagina:
Country: Peru
The Third EA Indonesia partnership meeting will be held in Sintang, West Kalimantan on the 10-15 March 2013. The partnership meeting will be hosted by NTFP and Sawit Watch. Thirty one people from 16 organisations have confirmed their attendance.
Country: Indonesia
IUCN NL and its partners in four African Great Lakes countries have been successful in obtaining support from the Netherlands Government.
Country: Ghana
A succesful meeting was held in Asuncion in December 2012. Check out the materials (all spanish) about climate change negotations, policies, research, and activities in the Gran Chaco, the Plate River Basin, Paraguay River Basin and Pantanal.
De 10-11 Diciembre se hizo un encuentro intensivo de intercambio y toma de decisiones en preparacion del Observatorio socioambiental de la soja, en Asuncion. 
During the global learning & policy advocacy workshop on REDD + in the Philippines 15 recommendations were formulated to improve REDD + policy and implementation. They were prepared for the Doha UNFCCCC negotations.
Country: GLOBAL
Retail giant PT Carrefour Indonesia is now selling cooking oil that is the nation’s first palm-oil derivative to be certified by a global sustainable management standards organization.
Theme: Palm oil
Both ENDS, Development Istitute, Keystone and M'Bigua are currently preparing themselves for the upcoming board meeting of the Green Climate Fund. You can read more in the attached strategy.
Estamos preparando una serie de actividades entre partneres especialistas y usuarios (potenciales) de Pagamientos de Servicios Ambientales en Peru, MARZO 2013 Los estaremos informando! Heleen van den Hombergh
Country: Peru