WARSI is an organizational network established in January 1992, with membership made up of twelve NGOs from four provinces in Sumatra (South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bengkulu and Jambi), whose focus is biodiversity conservation and community development. But since July 2002, WARSI was amended become Indonesian Conservation Community - WARSI. The new name is aimed to create an obvious justification of what WARSI has been fighting for is conservation.

WARSI cooperates and maintains a dialogue with a number of different parties connected with conservation and development in the four southern Sumatran provinces, including the Regional Planning Authority (Bappeda), the Nature Conservation Agency (PHPA), institutions of higher learning, private agencies and other concerned groups. WARSI is also not limited to NGOs but is open to professionals and teachers as well as other groups who are interested in being involved in its activities.

WARSI was formed with the intention to work towards bringing about sustainable development, or, in other words, development that can fulfill the needs and guarantee the welfare and prosperity of people in the present, without endangering the continued survival of future generations.

In the future, WARSI's role as a clearing house of conservation related information will not be restricted to the particular segments of society and organizations already part of the WARSI's network, but will also reach out to other NGOs and community groups outside southern Sumatra. In the coming years, WARSI hopes to be involved with a greater number of organizations and other groups and to have more members of its network, be they private groups or individuals, institutes of higher learning or government agencies, while at the same time becoming better equipped and informed.

see: http://www.warsi.or.id/