Nature Tropicale (NT)

Nature Tropicale (NT)

Nature Tropicale is a nonprofit organization established in 1995. Its mission is to promote the conservation and the wise use of the biodiversity, through information, education and awareness among various actors and especially the youth.

In 2004, Nature Tropical was accredited as the first NGO in Benin, and is a member of the World Union for Nature (IUCN).

The activities of Nature Tropicale include:

• Environmental Education
• Community management and protection of endangered species (sea turtles, African manatees, cetaceans: whales and dolphins
• The preservation and reconstruction of sacred forests and aquatic ecosystems
• Capacity building for young ecological leaders on the management and sustainable use of the biodiversity through traditional ecological knowledge sharing with elders
• Hosting environmental clubs and management committees for biodiversity conservation
• Demystifying and promoting of low cost solar energy as an alternative to disposable batteries which are causing both deforestation and pollution
• Organising and hosting specialized exhibitions and meetings on biodiversity
• Developing environment-friendly ecotourism schemes and participating in poverty reduction processes
• Hosting the Benin Biodiversity Forum, a working group of biodiversity experts and the Network of Greens Actors of West Africa in Benin (GAWA);
• Production of audiovisual documentaries on nature, environment and biodiversity in Africa.