What We Do

1. Forest management and sustainable harvesting of NTFPs;
2. Tenurial security and the recognition and enforcement of user rights;
3. Livelihood security through the enhancement of subsistence uses;
4. Increased income from value addition and marketing – domestic and regional/ international; and, a
5. Strengthened negotiating position of forest-dependent communities vis-a-vis
traders, policy makers and other external agents on issues which may affect their environment and livelihood.

How We Do It

At the local, national and regional levels, we work to achieve these objectives by:
1. Facilitating the exchange of expertise, experiences and approaches;
2. Providing technical support/backstopping and enabling training;
3. Giving inputs in strategy discussions;
4. Documenting best practices and success stories and providing information on NTFPrelated issues;
5. Mobilising resources and essential contacts; and
6. Sourcing advocacy support for local initiatives and helping articulate needs and aspirations.