Nature Of The Organization

Telapak is a membership-based organization which enables it to work on a broad range of issues, locations, and various roles and functions. A member is a cadre of the organization who has specific skills, social or political influence, or is in a strategic position in an organization, business or politics.

Telapak’s strong characteristics are consistency and reliability, leading edges and pioneering,  resolute, confidence, and passionate.

The vision of Telapak has encourage the organization to develop economic agenda, social?cultural agenda, and political agenda.

Currently Telapak initiated and holds shares in 9 community-based business enterprises on trading, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, and mass media cultural works, and local politics.

Beneficiaries And Members

The primary beneficiaries of Telapak are: indigenous people, farmers, and fishers in Indonesia. Telapak membership is on individual basis.

Scope And Reach Of Operation

The scope of operation of Telapak is national, Indonesia. However, Telapak works through territorial approaches with offices in certain territories. In each territory, Telapak addresses multi-sector issues and develops programs that reflect holistic approach to problems. Hence, Telapak works through Civil Society Alliances, Cooperatives, Business Enterprises, Mass Media,  Political Institutions, and Funding-based Programs. The national secretariat of Telapak mainly deals with national policy works, mobilizing support for initiatives, and overall coordination of Telapak programs and activities.