Wetlands International Africa

Wetlands International Africa

Wetlands International Africa is the African branch of Wetlands International; the only global non-profit NGO dedicated to the restoration and conservation of wetlands. Wetlands International Africa was established in 1998 and has offices in Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Kenya with its regional secretariat in Dakar, Senegal. Wetlands International Africa has its own regional strategy, as part of the global strategy of Wetlands International.

Global organisation

Wetlands International works globally, regionally and nationally to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands, to benefit biodiversity and human well-being. It is the only global NGO dedicated to the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

Wetlands International is an independent, not-for-profit, global organisation supported by government and NGO membership from all continents of the world, a specialist expert network and volunteers.

The fore-running regional organisations were established as early as 1954. Wetlands International was established as a global organisation in 1995 and is registered in the Netherlands as a Foundation. Additionally, an Association Wetlands International enables governmental and nongovernmental membership.

A network organisation - working locally and globally

We work through a network of regional, country offices and project offices - in the European continent, Africa, South, East and North Asia, Oceania, and Latin America; with our head office in the Netherlands. All our offices contribute to develop and implement our global Strategy and are accountable for performance against the global targets.

The headquarters in the Netherlands oversees the work of the Foundation Wetlands International and as part of this, guides and supports the work of the office network. Legal entities are established in each region to develop and implement our programmes and to nurture regional and national partnerships. By formal agreement, the office network works to the same global strategy goals and targets, policies and operational standards. Through collaboration with governments and civil society organisations we are able to work in more than 100 countries.