Yadupa has Branch Offices in 5 districts (kabupaten) to coordinate programmes at local level that are in
- Biak for Biak and Supiori Districts
- Serui for Yapen District
- Manokwari
- Kaimana
- Sorong for Sorong and Raja Ampat Districts
Programmes will be developed and facilitated by local branches.

Yadupa has been implementing Capacity Building Program by facilitating training on Organisational Capacity Building which has been started from August to November 2005.

Target Region

Target region of this start is Saireri which includes Manokwari, Wandama, Waropen, Yapen, Numfor, Biak and Supiori.

Target Group

  1. Staff-members from Yadupa’s branch offices in Sorong, Manokwari, Wondama, Nabire, Wondama, Serui, Numfor, Biak, Supiori and Wamena.
  2. Papua Tribal Council (Dewan Adat Papua).
  3. Women Groups.
  4. Students / Youth.


Subjects of the training include Organisation and Leadership, Strategic Planning, Project Circle and Proposal Writing, Financial Management, Effective Meeting, Influencing Governmental Policy (Negotiation), Communication, Public Relation and Mass Media, Internet, Computer Word Program.


Trainings were given by trainer from our partner Papuan Star in community development.